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Instructor FAQ

Product Questions

The core elements of our courses include:

  • Interactive, automatically graded problem sets
  • An easy-to-manage course management system (CMS)
  • Personalized customer support
  • A digital textbook (for most courses)

Aplia produces content that maps directly to the textbook in a given course. Aplia's integrated textbook solution maximizes flexibility and can replace the physical textbook altogether. Let us know which text you are using, and we can help tailor an Aplia course to meet your teaching needs and style.

Aplia offers products for a variety of disciplines, such as: accounting, biology, business communication, business law, developmental English, economics, finance, history logic, statistics and taxation. For a full list of our products, please visit our home page and view the demos.

Many publishers do not invest significant resources in their online materials. Textbook content is often repurposed without modification for the online world. By contrast, our content is developed from the ground up to be interactive and engaging. Because Aplia's business is focused solely on providing a quality online experience, we are committed to ensuring that our website is always accessible.

Yes. You can add and delete assignments in your course. Within an assignment you can add and delete questions. You can also modify the titles and points possible for each question. For self-authored questions you can modify the question and the answers any time before students begin working on them.

While Aplia's main focus is content, Aplia also provides you with a CMS that allows you to add course materials, communicate with your students, and quickly monitor student performance. We also support industry standards in integrating with various LMS platforms. Please contact your Learning Consultant for more information.

Yes. Instructors can offer their students several options for incorporating Aplia, their course materials, and their textbook into packages that fit a variety of price points and learning styles. Our solutions can be used as material that complements the textbook or even as a complete package that replaces the traditional textbook altogether. Contact your Cengage account manager for more details.

Aplia's products are designed to run effectively on any Internet browser for use in your class, with no files to print or CD-ROMs to insert. The website allows Aplia's content to be dynamically generated. This means we can provide you with our most up-to-date content and tools for use in your class.

Instructors adopt Aplia products similar to the way they adopt a textbook, and students pay for the service on a per-term subscription basis. Aplia can be purchased as a bundle with certain textbooks or as a standalone product in your school's bookstore. Your students may also purchase access to Aplia from after your course is set up.

Incorporating Aplia into your courses is simple and quick—you can create a course in minutes. Your Cengage digital soultions manager will help you integrate Aplia into your courses and personally ensure your success. According to a recent survey, nearly 90% of our recurring users found Aplia either somewhat easy or easy to use. Our course creation process is so easy and efficient that you can adopt Aplia at any time—even if your book order has already been placed. Contact your Cengage account manager for more details.

Cengage Learning is committed to making its educational materials accessible to users of all abilities. If you are using a screen reader, you should be able to access all pages of the Aplia application except for the homework. Screen readers may be able to access some portion of Aplia's homework, but this functionality is not fully supported.

To learn more about how students with disabilities can use Aplia, please view Aplia Accessibility Solutions, which gives detailed information on zooming, screen magnification, printing, screen readers, e-book use, videos, and other resources.

To learn more details about Aplia's accessibility, please view the Aplia Voluntary Product Accessibility Template. To learn more about Cengage Learning's commitment to Accessibility please view

Instructors and students can't customize the threshold. We've done some data analysis to determine the best overall threshold so that students aren't overwhelmed with questions, but at the same time, get the targeted materials they need.

Technology and Support Questions

When first registering to use Aplia, both instructors and students are prompted to run a configuration test to ensure that they have all of the necessary technology to run the Aplia site effectively. See System Requirements for a detailed listing of our platform and browser requirements.

Please follow these instructions to set up your account at Aplia for the first time:

  1. Connect to
  2. Click on Support then System Requirements. Click on Configuration Test to make sure you can access all of the features on Aplia's website. This takes just a few seconds and tells you how to update your browser settings if necessary.
  3. Return to
  4. To register, click Create a New Account. Then choose New Faculty User? and follow the registration instructions to complete your registration.

The most important plug-in needed is Adobe Flash Player. Most newer browsers include Flash with standard installation. If instructors and students don't have Flash or need to upgrade, they can download it free of charge from the Adobe website. It takes just minutes to download and install.

Although we can't guarantee 100% uptime in the system (no one can do that), we have procedures in place to ensure that our website stays online with as little interruption as possible. Aplia schedules weekly maintenance each Saturday from 12:00 to 4:00 AM Pacific Time to optimize site performance and minimize impact on users.

Some of the things that make our site reliable and secure include:

  • Live, on-site server administration 24/7
  • Site redundancy and load balancing
  • Security mechanisms on all components
  • Daily data backups

We do everything in our power to make our product as dependable as possible. If you experience any technical difficulties, please e-mail us and we'll promptly look into the issue.

  • Cengage Learning has an extensive knowledge base that students can access where they can also submit a support case. They will receive help within one business day of Cengage receiving their case.
  • In addition, we offer instructors dedicated phone support.

Please follow these steps to extend the due date of a single assignment for one or more students:

  1. Log into your course.
  2. Navigate to the Administration tab.
  3. Click the Extend Due Date link under Manual Adjustments.
  4. Select one or more students who need a due date extension and click Continue.
  5. Select one or more assignments you wish to extend the due date for and click Continue. Note: you can extend an individual due date on any graded assignment, regardless of whether or not the due date has passed.
  6. Select the new due date for the selected student(s) and assignment(s) and click Submit. The student will see the extension in his or her own Aplia account, but all other student accounts will be unaffected.
  7. You can view existing extensions or remove an extension by clicking the Extend Due Date link on the Administration page and then clicking the Existing due date adjustments link next to the student's name.

Yes. Aplia records login and logout activity as well as answer submissions on a question-by-question basis for each time that students click the Submit button.

Aplia was developed this way so that students don't need to worry about losing their work on an entire problem set. If an error does occur when submitting an answer, students are automatically directed to an error page instead of the next question.

You can obtain an activity report for a student from the Course Home page by clicking the Manage Students button and then the Activity Report link next to the student's name. The report will show you the time at which answers were submitted for each question. Please note that if a particular question or problem set does not appear on an activity report, it means that Aplia has no record of the student attempting the question or problem set.