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Environmental Science

Aplia for Environmental Science helps students learn and understand key concepts via focused assignments and active learning opportunities that include randomized, automatically graded questions, exceptional text interaction, and detailed explanations. Aplia for Environmental Science benefits include:
  • Students come to class prepared and ready to participate.
  • Automatically graded interactive problems keep students engaged and on track throughout the term.
  • Diverse types of questions aim to reinforce, extend, and apply key concepts by focusing on case studies, data analysis, real-world applications, global perspectives, and more.
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Personalized Reviews

Aplia helps target what materials to focus on so that students can best use their study time. Personalized Reviews include questions that need more attention, offering students a chance to improve performance at their own pace, without affecting scores.

Students can drill on these questions as many times as they like, promoting mastery of the material.

Students can compare their performance on these reviews to their graded assignments.