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Aplia prompts history students to contextualize and analyze information. Our exercises, written by trained historians who have taught undergraduates, ensure that students think critically and draw conclusions rather than merely memorize historical facts.
  • Auto-assigned and graded activities hold students accountable for the material before class, increasing their effort and preparation.
  • Primary source-based activities encourage critical thinking.
  • Interactive maps provide practice interpreting this key historical medium.
  • Grades are automatically recorded and instructors can monitor class performance and individual student performance on a topic-by-topic basis.
  • Map, writing, and critical thinking tutorials guide students through the process of interpreting information and effectively communicating their ideas within the framework of the history discipline.
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Separate from Aplia's textbook-specific assignments, these tutorials help students learn history in a new way and are complementary to each history course's objectives.

Map Tutorial

Aplia's history-based map tutorial prepares students to use the interactive maps in Aplia's history courses.

Essay Tutorial

Aplia's history-based essay tutorial teaches students to write persuasively about history.

Critical Thinking Tutorial

Aplia's history-based critical thinking tutorial teaches students how to think critically in terms of historical sources and arguments in history.

Personalized Reviews

Aplia helps target what materials to focus on so that students can best use their study time. Personalized Reviews include questions that need more attention, offering students a chance to improve performance at their own pace, without affecting scores.

Students can drill on these questions as many times as they like, promoting mastery of the material.

Students can compare their performance on these reviews to their graded assignments.