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System Requirements

Below is a list of the technical requirements necessary to take full advantage of Aplia. To check if your system meets these requirements, simply click the Configuration Test link shown in the header above. It takes just a few seconds and will provide detailed information on how to update your system if necessary.


Aplia supports the following versions of Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Supported Browers:
Internet Explorer: Versions 11.0 and later
Edge: The two most recent versions
Firefox: The two most recent versions
Chrome: The latest version


Aplia supports the following versions of Macintosh: OS X versions 10.5 and later

Supported Browsers:
Safari: The two most recent versions
Firefox: The two most recent versions


Aplia requires that users have Javascript enabled on their system to access the site. Additionally, pop-ups must be allowed for access to the full functionality of the site.


Users must have cookies enabled to use the Aplia site.

Privacy Statement

Screen Resolution

The Aplia system is designed for a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 (XGA). Lower resolutions may be used, but there will be a significant amount of horizontal scrolling.

Flash Plug-In

Versions 10 and later of the Adobe Flash Player are required to access some Aplia content.

Configuration Test

This section will conduct a series of tests to ensure that your system is capable of running the Aplia components. If a test fails, follow the instructions provided, then reload this page to confirm your results. You should end up with a series of 9 OK's below.

Manual Tests

The following tests will require your input. Please click the links provided to check the ability of your system to correctly allow a new window to open when you click on a link.

Automated Tests


Your browser is up to date.

For IT Professionals

Aplia Experiements and TCP Port 2222

  • For students to access Aplia experiments, they must have outbound access through TCP port 2222 of any firewall they are behind.
  • If this access needs to be opened uo, the names and IP address of our experiement servers are as follows:
    • - (
    • - (
    • - (
    • - (
  • The type of Internet traffic that will run through this port is TCP.

Bandwidth Shaping / Content Filtering

Students and instructors may notice a slowdown in the response time of the Aplia website if bandwidth shaping and/or content filtering is in place on the campus network. We highly recommend that be excluded from any bandwidth restrictions and/or be given bandwidth preference to ensure students and instructors can access the site with no problems.

E-mail Blocking

Instructors have the ability to e-mail their classes from the Aplia website. In the event that e-mail from Aplia is blocked by the university e-mail server and e-mail from Aplia needs to be accepted, Aplia's e-mail servers are:

  • (